Integrated Discovery, Development  &

Regulatory Services

Bioneeds has state-of-the-art Chemistry labs well supported by experienced scientific team.


At Bioneeds we understand our client requirements and offer wide range of chemistry services to support discovery research (medicinal chemistry and agrochemical research) synthetic, analytical and process research (API’s) services.

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Agrochemical Research
  • Generation of Hits
  • Transforming Hits to Leads
  • Optimization of Leads
  • Developing drug candidates
  • Biological screenings against known or client's targets
  • Helps in discovering novel field candidates
  • Hit identification
  • Hit to Lead
  • Lead Optimization
  • Sensitive reactions from milligram to kilogram scale
  • Reaction temperature ranging from -780C to 2500C
  • Chiral Chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis & chiral resolution
  • Halogenation, Nitration, Sulfonation, Cyanation
  • LDA, n-BuLi, t-BuLi, NaH, NaNH reactions
  • NaBH4 , LiAlH4 , Borane, DIBAL, Pd / C, Pt2O reactions
  • Suzuki, Buchwald, Mitsunobu, Friedel-Crafts, Wittig, Grignard reactions

Bioneeds can offer Custom Synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds on the milligram to kilogram scale at a competitive price.

  • New Chemical Entities (NCE's)
  • Heterocyclic building blocks & Scaffolds
  • Complex molecules, Intermediates and Prodrugs
  • Reference compounds synthesis
  • Metabolites & Impurities synthesis
  • Route scouting
  • Process optimization
  • Impurity profiling
  • Identification of Critical Process Parameters Using Design of Experiment (DoE)
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Process Development for ready commercialization
  • Manufacturing from gram to multi kilograms level
  • Raw material characterization as per latest Pharmacopoeia (USP / BP / EP / IP / JP)
  • Method development as per ICH guidelines
  • Method validation as per ICH guidelines
  • Impurity profiling, Isolation and Characterization
  • Trace / heavy metal analysis using AAS and ICP-MS techniques
  • Organic Volatile Impurities, Residuals, solvents as per USP
  • Extractable and Leachables analysis

Bioneeds can offer a number of flexible business models that help you to manage your development risk, conserve your R&D budget, and appropriately reward successful development outcomes.

Chemistry Services


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