Agrochemical Services

Rich Experience in handling Active Ingredients & Final Products Technical Grade (Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Biocides etc.,) Formulated Products (WG / SC / NF / EC / SL etc.,) Combination Insecticides Bio pesticides.

Complete package of Registration studies will be conducted as per CIBRC, OECD, EC, EPA OCSPP, ISO, ANBR, SANCO, CIPAC, ABNT, ASTM, & other global regulatory guidelines.

Agrochemical Services

Physico-chemical Testing

Acute Toxicity Studies

Sub-chronic & Chronic Toxicity

Reproduction & Developmental Toxicity

Genotoxicity Studies

Ecotoxicity Studies (Aquatic)

Ecotoxicity Studies (Terrestrial)

E Fate Studies

Alternate Studies to Animal Studies