Biopharmaceutical Services

Bioneeds is dedicated to provide end-to-end biologics drug development services with its two distinct technology platforms:

Capabilities include development of recombinant proteins such as non-glycosylated proteins; glycoproteins and monoclonal antibodies derived from either bacterial or mammalian host expression systems.

Our preclinical platform is supported by the OECD GLP & AAALAC certified animal facilities.

We have the expertise to handle novel biologics, biosimilars and bio betters.

biopharmaceutical Services

CQA Driven Process & Product Development

Well Characterized Products

Preclinical Studies

Preclinical Platform


Method Development; Validation; Sample Analysis

Animal Studies; Sample Analysis

Antibody Generation; Screening Assays; Confirmatory Assays; Neutralizing Antibody Assays

HCP; HCD; Others

Immunization; Purification; Characterization; Reactivity

Drug Development Platform

Codon optimization; clone stability; bioreactor suitability; titre; product quality

Cell culture & purification; critical process parameters; COGS

Analytical; bio/analytical; potency (compliance to standard guidelines & pharmacopeia)

Compliance to standard guidelines & pharmacopeia

Complete product development (starting with sequence) with tox material supply